$200M allocated to Hamilton Transit System

This post, from July 23, has information on the federal government’s announcement of an additional $200m towards Hamilton transit.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Minister of Infrastructure Catherine McKenna announced that the Federal government is infusing $200M into Hamilton’s public transit system, including Ward 8’s A-Line (Upper James corridor).

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The funding announced is in addition to the $1.7 billion the Federal government has already invested, in tandem with the Provincial government, on the B-Line corridor’s LRT system.

This latest announced funding will be used for seven projects, including of note for Ward 8 residents the rapid transit corridor from the waterfront to the airport – something Councillor Danko has worked with staff towards for several years.

Part of the funding will also go towards new buses, and constructing bike paths and sidewalks.

The investment in Hamilton’s transit system, beyond LRT, will grow ridership and improve service on the A-Line route – which is slated for future expansion to rapid transit.

“This is about the BLAST network,” McKenna stated at the announcement. She went on to add: “That’s a hugely ambitious transit plan that the city came up with. We support local decision-making. 

“We need to connect Hamiltonians from the lower city to the mountain, from the waterfront to the airport. We need good transit across the board — that is exactly what we are investing in.”

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure

According to the CBC, the federal government has supported Hamilton with more than $300 million for 60 projects.

Along with the federal funding that the city has received for transit, the provincial government’s $168.2-million investment for seven Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program projects will help Hamilton maintain and improve public transit options, which will go a long way in supporting growth, creating local jobs and helping provide residents with reliable and convenient transit.

Maureen Cosyn Heath, Hamilton’s director of transit, told the CBC the money will support the re-envisioning of how transit is delivered, and support a system redesign based on customer needs now and customer needs for years into the future. 

Questions or Concerns?

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