7-Eleven applying to AGCO to allow for in-store liquor sales

This article, from February 23, has details on 7-Eleven locations, including one in Ward 8, applying for in-store liquor licences.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

With recent news that over 60 7/11 stores across the province have applied for licences to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to allow for in-store consumption of beer and wine, the Ward 8 office wanted to inform residents in Centremount and across the ward about these new developments.

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According to this CBC News article, 7-Eleven has applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for restaurant-type licences to serve beer and wine in 61 of its Ontario locations, stretching from Dryden To Windsor.

The same article goes on to state that if the licences are granted, the alcohol would have to be sold with food and consumed in the store, in what the company describes as “designated consumption areas.” Retail sales — such as buying a six-pack to take home — would not be permitted.

One such 7-Eleven location is in Ward 8’s Centremount neighbourhood.

According to the AGCO website, if a resident has concerns about a proposed licensed premises or an expansion of an existing licensed premises in their community for which a public notice has been posted, you may object to the application.

Formal objections can only be made via the iAGCO portal and must be received before the submission deadline.

The deadline is indicated on the objection notice posted at the premises applying for the licence, and can also be found through a search on the iAGCO online portal. The search tool can be used to view all current applications, or to narrow down a search by city, premises name, street name, or other criteria.

Once you have found the application you are looking for in the search results, click on the “File Objection” button to submit the information required with your objection. You can also follow this link for direct access.

Deadline for objections to the proposed licence for the 622 Upper Wellington 7-Eleven location is March 11, 2021. Objections must be received by the AGCO by March 11.

The following AGCO infographic outlines how the public process works.

Courtesy of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

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