Automated Speed Enforcement set to hit city streets

This article, from July 9, contains information regarding the new Automated Speed Enforcements camera pilot-project, which will soon be in operation across the City.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City of Hamilton’s Public Works Committee has voted in favour of a one-year pilot project that will see two photo radar cameras rotate through 12 school and community safety zones across the city.

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The new automated speed enforcement (ASE) program will operate much like the current red light cameras across much of the city, where tickets are issued to vehicles rather than the drivers – but fines for speeding will be doubled when handed out in the designated zones Edward Soldado, Director of Transportation for the City explained to CBC Hamilton.

Photo Radar Coming to Hamilton

Soldo also explained to committee members that Toronto has been taking a zero-tolerance approach and Hamilton will look to follow its lead.


“Speeding is speeding. It you’re going over the speed limit you potentially will be ticketed in that location.”

“There’s no purpose of setting a speed limit of 40 if you’re going to allow people to go through those locations at 50.” – Edward Soldo, Director of Transportation


Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko had the following to say about the program, after Director Soldo stated that the program would not be a “net benefit financially” for the City, “I think it’s important to note this is not about generating revenue, it’s about community safety on our roads.”

Some councillors, including Ward 3’s Nrinder Nann and Ward 5’s Chad Collins, expressed concern about the broader list of 75 roads identified for the program, arguing it missed some of the worst hot spots for speeding and stunt driving.

Soldo said the locations are based on factors such as vehicle speeds and collision history and once traffic patterns are back to normal crews will continue to reevaluate their list on an annual basis.

For drivers worried about not being informed of the cameras, signs announcing their arrival must be displayed 90 days in advance in the designated enforcement area.

Soldo went on to state that the cameras will create an “…an umbrella effect across the city”, he continued “If you’re aware there’s automated speed enforcement in certain areas you’re going to be a little more aware of how you’re drive and the speed you’re driving.”

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