Apology To Teachers

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

On Friday (March 20th) I posted a comment to Twitter asking when March Break is over, what is the educational plan for Monday morning?

Since then, teachers from across the province have called me down to the principal’s office for the negative tone and insinuation that teachers don’t care about their students.

My original statement was a bone-head move, continue reading for my full apology below…

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Commuting by One Wheel

A few months ago I bought a One Wheel as a fun way of commuting around Hamilton.

The One Wheel is an electric skateboard that self-balances like a Segway. It has a 30km range on a single charge, with a top speed around 30km/h and is meant to feel like snowboarding (ironically, I can’t skateboard at all and I can barely snowboard).

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Councillor John-Paul Danko