City advising residents of possible data breach

This post, from August 26, has details on a data breach by a third-party city vendor.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City of Hamilton is warning residents of a possible data breach related to water meter services.

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From the City:

AUGUST 26 2022

HAMILTON, ON –The City of Hamilton is advising the public that a third-party mailing vendor was recently subject to a ransomware attack. Hamilton Water contracts Neptune Technology Group to replace and maintain water meters. Neptune Technology Group then leverages a third-party mailing vendor to inform residents of the need to have a water meter replaced.

The City met this week with Neptune Technology Group, who handles replacement and maintenance of water meters (both residential and commercial) on behalf of Hamilton Water, and has the following information to share:

  • 2,387 accounts may have been subject to the attack; Hamilton Water has a total of 156,923 accounts;
  • Personal information that may have been compromised consists of name and mailing address;
  • As a precautionary measure Neptune Technology Group has stopped using and sharing information with this mailing vendor until further notice;
  • The mailing vendor has hired a consultant to investigate the details and nature of the attack.

Hamilton Water considers this is a low-risk incident for residents, but felt it important to inform the community.

The City of Hamilton is working with Neptune Technologies to support the investigation and will take any additional steps that may be required to ensure personal information is protected.

Residents can take precautionary measures to safeguard their information such as remaining vigilant by reviewing account statements and monitor credit reports for suspicious activity.

Residents with questions or concerns can contact 905-546-2424 requesting to speak to Hamilton Water.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office here.

Councillor John-Paul Danko