City investing $1 million towards Rent Ready Program

This article, from March 30, has a media release on the City’s $1 million investment towards the Rent Ready Program.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City will be investing $1 million towards the rapid repair of out of service social housing units and increase the 2021 Housing Stability Benefit to support those at risk of losing housing due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

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City invests $1 million towards Rent Ready Program

MARCH 30 2021

The original City of Hamilton release can be found here.

HAMILTON, ON – In response to a Council Motion approved in December 2020, the City is investing $1 million equally towards the rapid repair of out of service social housing units, and increasing the 2021 Housing Stability Benefit budget to support tenants at risk of losing housing due to impacts of COVID-19.

A $500,000 investment across eight social housing providers is enabling 53 chronically vacant social housing units in need of extensive repair to be more quickly restored and rent ready in 2021. These units required significant repair and maintenance including plumbing, walls, electrical, and in one case a multi-purpose room being renovated into a new unit. This investment not only ensures more units are more quickly available for those on Hamilton’s Access to Housing wait list, but also helps offset financial pressures for social housing providers, and increases the period of affordability for the units. In 2021, $4,375,000 will be invested specifically by the City of Hamilton towards social housing repairs supporting quicker turnaround of vacant units, bringing chronically offline units back online, and supporting energy retrofits. This includes a $2 million contribution in 2021 from the City of Hamilton’s Poverty Reduction Fund commitment of $20 million over 10 years investment towards social housing repair.

$500,000 allocated to a “rent bank” through the Housing Stability Benefit budget which will support housing stability to more residents who may be impacted by the loss of employment or federal benefits due to the pandemic and who may face eviction due to missed rent payments. Ultimately this will help people maintain their housing and prevent homelessness.

This investment builds on the City’s strategic goals to address housing and homelessness challenges throughout the city in alignment with Hamilton’s 10 year Housing & Homelessness Action Plan (January 2020).

The City remains focused on balancing response to emergency needs in the community, sustaining people’s housing with supports, and advancing long-term permanent solutions to Hamilton’s housing pressures. In alignment with the Housing & Homelessness Action Plan, the City’s Housing Services Division coordinates strategies, aligns community assets, social supports, policies and programs and administers on average $120 million annually in projects and services with a goal that everyone in Hamilton has a home. The City continues to leverage all opportunities and partnerships available to support the unmet housing and health needs of our community across the housing continuum. This includes investments in the homelessness system in response to community needs and the pandemic, as well as ensuring critical supports like housing stability benefits, rent supplements and coordinated wrap around community supports to keep people housed and prevent homelessness. Additionally, this includes accelerating the building of net new social housing units – and bringing units back online through maintenance.

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