Claremont Access Reopening December 4

This article, from November 30, has details about the reopening of the Claremont Access and the opening of the Jay Keddy Trail.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

After months of work, the Claremont Access and the new Keddy Access Trail will be open to traffic on Friday afternoon, allowing residents to use the upbound lanes for the first time since July.

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 As we covered earlier this summer in this space, the upbound lanes of the Claremont Access were resurfaced, along with the Mountain Brow ramp to West 5th Street. In addition to the resurfacing, a new pedestrian signal was installed between Southam Park, the Keddy Access Trail and the James St. Escarpment stairs.

The downbound lanes will be resurfaced as part of a future project.

Speaking of the Keddy Access Trail, it will span between Hunter Street and West 5th, with side connections at four locations. According to the City’s release, these locations are:

  • West Avenue (near Wellington Street)
  • St Joseph’s Drive
  • North and south sides of Arkledun Avenue / Jolley Cut
  • Tanner Street through Southam Park

The City is reminding cyclists and pedestrians to share the trail, and are asking cyclists not to exceed 15 km/hr on trails, slow down to pass others and yield to pedestrians. Cyclists are advised to keep right and pass on the left.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organized public events and social gatherings are limited under provincial restrictions in the Red – Control category. As a result, the City will not be holding a ribbon cutting or other event to celebrate the opening of the Keddy Trail or Claremont Access.

No matter your mode of transportation, the Ward 8 Office would like to thank residents for their patience on this project.

Questions or Concerns?

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