Community Food Centre to receive funding

This article, from February 26, contains details on a contribution from the City of Hamilton to the HCFC to help continue much needed programming.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The Hamilton Community Food Centre, located in Ward 8’s Rolston Neighbourhood – which offers an array of community programming, supports and meal programs to the Mountain community – will continue to offer those valuable services with a $200,000 contribution from the city.

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The Hamilton Community Food Centre , a partnership between well-known local service agency Neighbour to Neighbour Centre and Community Food Centres Canada (and run by N2N), is a space which brings the community together around food. The Centre has been in operation since 2016.

The food centre provides several free services to the community, including more than 250 meal kits each week, where users are given the ingredients to make a meal in their home, weekly breakfast, lunch and dinner programs, an affordable produce market, a community gardening program, wellness sessions and online gardening for children

With funding from the City ending as scheduled in December, members of the general issues committee voted 11-3 on February 25 to provide the funding for the Limeridge Road West centre, wrote the Hamilton Mountain News.

The funding will come from city reserves and not affect the 2021 budget.

Councillor Danko, who made the motion of support for the Ward 8 based agency, said that “today’s vote secures $200,000 in funding for the Neighbour to Neighbour community food centre and ensures that the critical services they offer to those less fortunate across Hamilton can continue to be provided uninterrupted through 2021.”

After other committee members noted that other emergency service providers were not getting the same financial support, Councillor Danko withdrew the part of the motion referring the centre’s request for further sustainable funding options over the next four years to the city’s emergency and community services committee, reported the Hamilton News.

“The best way forward is to develop a comprehensive service plan and work toward long-term sustainable funding for Neighbour to Neighbour and all Hamilton emergency food service providers through the emergency and community services committee in advance of the 2022 budget,” Danko said.

The city has given $1 million to the centre over the past five years and that funding ran out in December.

Community Food Centres Canada renewed its agreement with the Hamilton centre late last year, committing another $1 million over five years the article goes on to state.

Krista D’Aoust, the Director of the Community Food Centre, said more than 1,800 people from across Hamilton used food centre programs last year, adding it also had more than 20,000 contacts with the public.

She noted without the city’s matching funding, many of their programs would have to be cut.

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