Connecting with Calvin Christian School

This article, from November 28, contains a video of Cllr. Danko answering questions from the Grade 2 class at Calvin Christian School

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Councillor Danko recently connected with some inquisitive Grade 2 students from Ward 8’s Calvin Christian School, where students had the opportunity to ask the councillor a number of questions, including “do you like your job?”, “do you like the people you work with?” and “has your job since COVID-19?”.

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With COVID-19 making a trip to Calvin Christian School impossible, Councillor Danko connected with Grade 2 students by posting a video where he answered their questions, and had fun while doing it.

The students also sent over some thank you cards to the Councillor, in appreciation of his time.

If your students would like to connect with the Councillor and ask some questions, contact our office via the link below.

Questions or Concerns?

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