Councillor Danko talks road safety

This post, from August 11, contains a recent interview Cllr. Danko involving road safety on Hamilton’s streets and possible solutions to those issues.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Hamilton has made good progress to reduce the number of vehicular collisions and improve roadway safety in recent years. Sadly, pedestrian deaths over the past year have drastically increased. Councillor Danko shared his views with Scott Radley on AM900 CHML.

Earlier this month, Councillor Danko was invited on Scott Radley’s show to discuss the alarming number of pedestrian injuries and deaths along Hamilton’s streets this year.

Councillor Danko, who has a Civil Engineering background, explains why some of Hamilton’s roads are flawed when it comes to safety and what the City can do to reduce the root causes of these incidents and what Vision Zero means for Hamiltonians.

Danko mentions solutions already taken in the City, such as red-light cameras, photo radar and speed collision-video analytics to help understand and take action on the City’s roadway safety issues. The Ward 8 Complete Streets initiative is also mentioned as a Ward-centric approach to creating safer streets for all.

Cllr. Danko also shared his thoughts on how the auto industry plays a part in our dangerous roads:

Councillor John-Paul Danko