Deadline Approaching | City Enrichment Fund 2023 Applications

This post has details on the City Enrichment Fund, which is open for nominations until November 2.

John-Paul Danko Ward 8 Hamilton City Councillor

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City Enrichment Fund is a wide ranging program that supports the City’s Strategic Plan and Community Vision and the deadline for nominations is quickly approaching.

For more details, please continue reading below…

The City Enrichment Fund is the City of Hamilton’s municipal investment in a wide range of program areas that supports the City’s Strategic Plan and 25 Year Community Vision.

There are seven Program Areas: Agriculture, Arts, Communities, Culture & Heritage, Community Services, Digital (NEW Pilot Program), Environment, Sports & Active Lifestyles.

New features to the fund this year: 

  • A new Digital pilot program 
  • Translation service support available upon request
  • Enhanced EDI lens in data tracking to further understand our evolving community, in line with Council Priorities


Program application intake is open until November 2, 2022

  1. Review the City Enrichment Fund General Guidelines(PDF, 348.41 KB)
  2. Determine the specific funding stream within the Program Area (Please contact the Program Area Managers to ensure you are applying to the correct stream)
  3. Review stream specific eligibility
  4. Gather program budget information(PDF, 291.35 KB)
  5. Attend the relevant funding area workshop – dates listed below under the Program Areas
  6. Create an account (Select ‘individual’) or login if you already have one
  7. Submit before the November 2, 2022


Step 1 Develop a grant proposal that explains how you plan to use the funds. Applicants need to show a cost estimate that includes how much funding you need and how the money will be spent.

Step 2 Complete the online application demonstrating that you meet the eligibility criteria and submit your proposal.

Please be advised there are specific items which are deemed eligible and ineligible in the program specific handbooks. Please review this closely as the ineligible items will be removed.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office here.

Councillor John-Paul Danko