“Encouragement for You!”: A letter from a Grade 5 Constituent

This post contains a letter to Councillor Danko from a Grade 5 constituent of Ward 8 expressing their thoughts and feelings about the COVID-19 crisis, where she shares a few words of encouragement to the councillor.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Recently, Councillor Danko received a warm and lovely message from one of his constituents, grade 5 student Kyla.

This constituent really misses seeing her friends at school and visiting Ward 8 gems like the Flying Squirrel, but eloquently put together a letter expressing her feelings and encouraging Councillor Danko through these uncertain times. We could all take a page from Kyla during this time.

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*Re-posted here with parental permission*

Dear Councillor John- Paul Danko

My name is  Kyla V. and I am doing distant learning right now in Grade 5 at  Timothy Christian school.

I really like that I can do some work and then take a break from distant learning but really miss hanging out with friends at school.

We are in the middle of a social studies unit on Government.

I live in Ward 8 and you are my City Councillor.

I really like visiting the fun spots like flying squirrel ,water parks and playgrounds where I live ,and really miss hiking,swimming in indoor pools ,and the library.

I used to be able to do that stuff before it closed down.

Even if I know it’s for a good reason,and I want to do my part in stopping the spread of COVID-19,I still miss doing this.

I want to encourage you in the work that you do for our city.

You are an important part of how our local government works.

It must be hard to meet with people in your ward now that things are shut down.

I hope and pray that you will able to still find ways to help the people in our ward during this COVID crisis.

One thing I do that helps me during this time is pray to God,spend time with my family,read books,play outside,paint and do crafts,and walk and bike around the neighbourhood.

I hope you have a great day!

Thank you for your hard work!

​Sincerely Kyla V.

Questions or concerns

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