Floral planters to be added along section of Upper James St.

This article, from September 14, has information on the installation of planters along sections of Upper James St. north of Fennell Avenue.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Sections of Upper James Street, north of Fennell Avenue, will see the installation of planters – helping to bring a little colour and a more pedestrian-friendly way of life along Upper James.

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After significant consultation with staff to reach a solution for the northern section of Upper James (Fennell Ave. to the Claremont Access) that will improve both the aesthetics and safety of pedestrians, planters were decided as an appropriate addition, which will be funded from the Ward 8 Special Capital Re-Investment Discretionary Fund.

Planters will be added to portions of Upper James Street north of Fennell Avenue .

Originally, the idea was to plant street trees, with in-ground plantings – however, there is significant buried infrastructure along this section of Upper James and there is not enough room to accommodate enough of an area for soil.
The planters are intended to provide an aesthetic improvement and build a sense of community, but will also provide a physical separation between pedestrians on the sidewalk and cars, trucks and buses in the vehicular lanes.

The goal of the planters is to help transition this portion of Upper James into a streetscape that is much more appealing and accommodating to pedestrians. The cost for the 32 planters which will line sections of the street will be roughly $16,000.

You can view the proposed motion below:

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