Fostering accessibility and inclusion in Hamilton Mountain’s Ward 8

This post, originally posted in The Hamilton News, is an editorial by Councillor Danko.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Councillor Danko was recently invited to share his views on accessibility in Ward 8 by the Hamilton Mountain News. The following is a re-publishing of his op-ed.

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The original editorial can be found here.

The City of Hamilton is committed to ensuring residents of all ages and abilities can enjoy all city neighbourhoods, parks, facilities and services. As your Ward 8 councillor, one of my top priorities is to ensure every community is family friendly for residents of all backgrounds and abilities through strategic investment and proactive policy. I am very proud of the progress we have made since 2018.

Based on consultation with Ward 8 residents, more than $4.5 million has been invested in Ward 8 to provide new park playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, spray pads, accessible walking trails, safety lighting, shade trees, infrastructure for public Wi-Fi and esthetic improvements, with the goal of meeting the needs of all residents.

Because of these strategic investments, all Ward 8 play structures that are at the end of their useful lifespan will be replaced by 2023, ensuring all families have a great park in their own neighbourhood. New play structures are designed with extensive community input, include diverse features, and can be used by children of all ages and abilities.

For those who require mobility aids, special attention has been given to accessible park equipment such as the We-Go-Swing at William Connell Park and wheelchair-friendly rubber tile pathways at Captain Cornelius Park.

Sam Lawrence Park will also have significant accessibility improvements in the coming years. The new master plan includes lighting and safety improvements, barrier-free gardens and fully accessible pathways as part of the planned upgrades.

Roadway safety is an important issue raised by Ward 8 residents. To increase safety in all neighbourhoods for residents driving, walking, biking or rolling, $1,319,799 has been invested this term to add traffic safety instalments such as sidewalk repairs, speed cushions, curb bump-outs and enhanced crosswalks throughout the ward.

Beginning this winter, the City of Hamilton will clear snow on all sidewalks along main arterial roads and roads with transit stops. This service enhancement will improve mobility for anyone that may have challenges in the winter, such as parents with strollers, seniors and those that rely on mobility aids.

Of course, we can always do more. We deeply value the input from residents who advocate for greater inclusivity at our city facilities, public spaces and communities.

— John-Paul Danko is councillor for Ward 8.

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Councillor John-Paul Danko