Grow a Row, Make an Impact!

This article, from July 6, has details on Green Venture’s “Grow a Row”

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

With the growing season in full swing, Green Venture has partnered with a number of local gardeners who have committed to “Grow a Row” for their community, and more importantly those in need, this season.

From Green Venture:

Grow A Row, Make an Impact!

Thirteen Hamilton gardeners are committed to ‘Grow A Row’ for their community this growing season. More are welcome to join the local environmental non-profit organization, Green Venture, to plant and share their extra fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Green Venture has been running the Grow a Row project since last August. Last season, nine Hamilton gardeners planted an extra row in their gardens, and as a result donated over 300 pounds of fresh, local produce to the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre. 

Green Venture is very excited to be running Grow a Row in Hamilton again this season and is looking to double the amount of produce donations over last year. As Hamilton enters a summer of recovery from the ongoing global pandemic, the Grow a Row project helps local gardeners put their green thumbs to work to build a more resilient, connected community by growing a little extra to support Hamilton’s food support organizations. 

Grow A Row harvest collection will begin on July 7, 2021, and every Wednesday after that, until the end of season. Green Venture provides growers with seeds, seedlings and gardening support and coordinates harvest pick-ups and delivery of produce donations to local food support organizations. This year harvest donations will be delivered to Neighbour to Neighbour Centre or dropped off, washed and packed directly to Hamilton’s Community Fridge located at Today’s Family Early Learning and Child Care Centre. 

Anyone with additional space to grow an extra row is encouraged to register at  and participate by dropping off produce at one of the collection sites. Together, Grow A Row Gardeners and Green Venture, are helping to shorten the food miles fresh food travels, reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals used to grow produce, and increase access to healthy nutritious food for all residents. 

About Green Venture

Green Venture is an environment education not-for-profit organization that has been delivering sustainable gardening education programs for the past 25 years. Green Venture piloted the first community garden in Hamilton in 2006 at their 2 acre EcoHouse green living demonstration centre and established the Hamilton Community Garden Network, now operated by Neighbour to Neighbour.  

More on Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

Neighbour to Neighbour offers emergency food support in their food bank to 1,200 families (3,500 individuals) per month by providing 5 -7 days of essential food – fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and vital non-perishable items. 

More on Hamilton’s Community Fridge:

The Community Fridge is a volunteer-run, publicly accessible, low barrier resource from which any community member can get free food. Community fridges have gained a lot of prevalence recently, as the pandemic has highlighted the need for mutual aid in the Hamilton community. 

Questions or concerns?

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