Hamilton Police launch buy & sell “safe zone”

This post, from October 7, has information on the new Buy & Sell Safe Exchange Zone located at the Hamilton Mountain Police Station.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

If you’re the type to snag a deal on Kijiji or rid your house of clutter through Facebook Marketplace, the Hamilton Police have created a “safe zone” to ease the risks of doing business online.

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Hamilton Police announced that starting October 6, 2021, buyers and sellers who utilize online marketplaces (Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace) now have a safe place to exchange goods and complete transactions.

Many know that meeting an unknown buyer or seller poses certain risks, and with the creation of the safe zone in a public place will offer a safer option for those hesitant to meet in an empty parking lot, an unfamiliar part of town or doing business at their private residence.

The Buy and Sell Exchange Zone, according to the service’s press release, will be well-lit for nighttime exchanges, and is available 24/7 without an appointment. The service also points out that the Exchange Zone will not be monitored or mediated by the Hamilton Police, but its location serves as a deterrent for those with ulterior motives.

Hamilton Police recommend the following tips to keep yourself safe when exchanging items sold or purchased online.

  • Conduct transactions during daylight hours
  • Meet in a busy public place
  • Bring a friend or family with you to witness the transaction
  • Retain emails, texts or voicemails between yourself and the buyer/seller

Questions or concerns?

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