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This post, from August 2, has information on Hamilton’s potential 2030 Commonwealth Games bid, digital signage and the Stelco applying for a holding provision for 800 acres of its land.

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Whether it is the ongoing questions surrounding the potential 2030 Commonwealth Games bid, a by-law review on digital signage or a major opportunity for the City of Hamilton, here are some things you may have missed over the past month.

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The realities of a 2030 Commonwealth Games Bid

With certain city leaders expressing support for a 2030 Commonwealth Games bid, Cllr. Danko was recently on Hamilton Today to share his thoughts, concerns and realities of what a bid could potential cost Hamilton taxpayers.

Mayor Eisenberger recently traveled to Birmingham with a local consortium to take in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. With the re-emergence of some leaders’ eagerness to support the Games, Cllr. Danko recently spoke with Scott Thompson, host of Hamilton Today, to share the realities of a taxpayer funded games, with little to no legacy infrastructure available to the City after the proposed games (ie. no affordable housing, new sporting venues or other capital infrastructure – starts around 1:01:30)

Residents and stakeholders invited to take part in City of Hamilton’s Sign By-law review

The City of Hamilton’s Sign By-law currently prohibits digital signs. To keep pace with technological advancements City staff is exploring the idea of including digital signs to the existing Sign By-law 10-197.

As of May 1, residents and stakeholders can share their opinions on digital signage being incorporated into the by-law by visiting the Engage Hamilton website.

“This is a major – and I can’t overstate that enough – a major opportunity for the City of Hamilton”

Stelco Holdings Inc. has applied to the City of Hamilton to have a holding provision placed on nearly 800 acres of surplus land at 386 Wilcox St. This would allow for the potential sale and redevelopment of the lands as well as create a major source of employment and an economic boost for the city.

The lands in question, which are no longer being used by Stelco, are very desirable with their rail and waterfront accessibility.

Cllr Danko spoke with Scott Radley on his self-titled show to share his thoughts and excitement regarding the recent developments.

Questions or concerns?

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Councillor John-Paul Danko