Reminder: It’s time for the second Southam Park Master Plan Survey

This article, from June 1, has details on the second community survey regarding ongoing upgrades to Southam Park.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City is inviting residents yet again to participate in the ongoing Southam Park Master Plan, whose focus is a re-designed concept to re-invigorate the historic site.

Ward 8 residents provided great input the first time around, and we sure hope you’ll continue to help the City meet your recreational and community needs.

For more details, please continue reading below…

As part of its Southam Park Master Plan project, and based on public comments received during Survey #1 (which closed earlier this year), the City of Hamilton is now looking for public feedback on two conceptual design options proposed for Southam Park.

As you can see in the various concept plans below; the many structures and mature trees associated with Southam Park will be preserved. But from the survey, other ideas have sprung from the first survey conducted late last year.

For a closer look at the concepts below via PDF, click here.

Both conceptual design options include:

  • Cycling & trail user amenities, including drinking fountain and bike repair station
  • Enhanced placement of existing Southam Park fountain, named for Major Gordon Southam
  • Café seating along stone structure, with new concrete paving
  • Creative play features
  • Paved asphalt desire path
  • Widening existing sidewalk
  • Formal + informal path seating
  • Pollinator-friendly native planting (salt-hardy species)
  • Preserved open space
  • Enhanced city/lake views through invasive removal
  • Preserved mature park canopy & proposed tree planting
  • Lighting & safety enhancements.

Option 2 also includes:

  • SOBI Bike share station
  • Central shade structure and small plaza
  • Expanded creative play areas
  • Additional seating and bike parking
  • Concrete pathway paving instead of asphalt.

So have your say Ward 8! Please visit  for more information and to provide your comments via Survey #2. The survey will be open until June 11, 2021 (Southam Park area residents will receive a mailer with details soon as well, with a QR code which when scanned takes you directly to the survey page).

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office here.