Keddy Trail set for proposed art installations

This post, from November 19, has information regarding proposed art installations along the Keddy Access Trail.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The Keddy Access Trail, a multi-use trail connecting Ward 8 to the lower city, will soon be getting a new look as the City is set to install public art installations along the route.

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Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko has proposed to spend about $180,000 to install street art along the popular Keddy Access Trail in 2022.

The Public Works Committee approved a motion at its Nov. 15 meeting to install art along the trail. The funding will come from the Ward 8 and Ward 2 capital reserve accounts.

Since monitoring of traffic on the trail started in May of 2021, 60,000 people have used the pathway – averaging over 600 people per day.

Councillor Danko told the Spec that when the trail was initially constructed, a public art component had been part of the project. But it was eventually removed from the initial tender.

“It gives us an opportunity to see areas where public art would be a great improvement to the trail,” Councillor Danko said.

Staff will allow art displays along various locations along the multi-use trail alongside the upbound lanes of the Claremont Access. Areas mentioned which could be painted include the abutments of bridges and along the walls at the top and bottom of the trail. Should funding be available, benches may be installed as well.

Any painting of walls or abutments will not only be a memorial for the trail’s namesake, Jay Keddy, but also a deterrent to graffiti and vandalism.

City staff will continue working with community groups, and will present the idea to the Hamilton cycling committee for feedback on the idea.

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