March 19: Watch the City of Hamilton’s Virtual Town Hall Here

On March 18, 2020 the City of Hamilton held a virtual town hall to answer questions Hamiltonians have about COVID-19 as well as outline steps taken by the City, Public Health, and other needed information.


Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City of Hamilton held a virtual town hall to answer questions Hamiltonians had about COVID-19, the municipality’s response, as well as answer and address other concerns.

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The virtual town hall, which was shown live on Cable 14 and the City’s Youtube page¬†was moderated by Cable 14’s Mike Fortune.

The panel, which included Mayor Fred Eisenberger, Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Bart Harvey and Director, Emergency Operations Paul Johnson answered questions for about an hour on topics ranging from how to protect one’s family, best health practices going forward and de-bunked certain myths which have spread on social media forms.

Dr. Harvey also touched on examples of how self-isolation and social distancing can help “flatten the curve”, answered questions regarding community spread and gave terrific examples to help Hamiltonians understand what is currently at stake.

Mr. Johnson and Mayor Eisenberger also spoke at length about some of the city’s operations going forward and also gave insightful answers to questions.

The full video, which you can find below, is well worth the time.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Ward 8 office here.