Mental Health Supports in Hamilton

May 4th is the beginning of Mental Health Week. This article contains local supports for those in need of someone to talk to during these uncertain times.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

May 4th is the start of Mental Health Week, something that affects each one of us in different ways, with this year’s theme being Social Connection.

As we all spend time in isolation, away from friends and loved ones, social connection is more vital now than ever before. So with that in mind, our office has put together a list of supports and resources around Hamilton, who are there to listen.

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The Canadian Mental Health Association passed along the following message to our office this week:

Mental Health affects each and every one of us in very different ways. And during this time we are feeling it more than ever. Mental Health Week starts Monday, May 4th and runs to the 10th – and this year’s theme is Social Connection.

Connecting with other people and our communities doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for our mental health. Research shows that social connection and social support are factors that protect and promote good mental health. Feeling socially connected means you feel close and connected to others, and you don’t have to be in physical proximity to nurture a sense of closeness and connection.

So this year we are asking you to join us during Mental Health Week and #GetReal and let people know how we really feel and lean on each other for support.  It’s common in our society to ask people how they are. Unfortunately, it’s also common not to provide—or expect—a truthful answer. It’s common in Canada to say we’re fine, even when we don’t really mean it. Every time we just go through the motions, we miss a chance to connect with others in a meaningful way.

This Mental Health Week, let’s say more than just “I’m fine.” Let’s have real conversations with our friends, neighbours and coworkers about how we’re all really doing. We’re in this together. In these days of social distancing (more accurately called physical distancing), we are learning that we don’t have to be close to feel close. We are together, even when we’re apart. #TogetherApart.

We hope that you will join us (virtually and through social media) this mental health week in our social media campaign to bring people together.

You can find the CMHA social media calendar here, and to access resources or to find out more you can visit their website here.

St. Joseph’s Mental Health & Wellness Resource Centre is committed to providing persons in recovery, their families, and community members with easy access to reliable, user-friendly information about mental health, addictions and related issues. The Resource Centre provides support and educational material that enables informed decision-making and compliments care.

The Mental Health & Wellness Resource Centre has an exhaustive list of sites that can be accessed from home during this time.

St. Joseph’s also has many youth-oriented supports for teens facing various emotional supports. Information can be found here. The Kids Help Phone line is also a vital resource for youth.

The Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) is a partnership between Mental Health Workers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare and specially-trained officers of the Hamilton Police Service.  The program serves the residents of the City of Hamilton who have serious mental health issues and are in crisis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis in Hamilton, please call COAST.


Toll Free:  1-844-972-8338

This crisis line is answered 24-7. 

The Government of Canada has also put together a list of resources about taking care of your mental health during a pandemic, with tips on how to stay connected, what to do if you or a loved one are in crisis and how to deal with this “new normal”.

We say we’re fine even when the truth is we’re ecstatic, exhausted, grateful, or even freaking out. Be kind to your mind.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office here.