Mountain Secondary School (60 Caledon Avenue) Sale and Redevelopment

The former HWDSB Mountain Secondary School property at 60 Caledon Avenue (Yeoville between Upper James and West 5th south of Mohawk) is scheduled for family friendly redevelopment.

This article contains details of the City of Hamilton’s intentions for the site, its sale and next steps.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

In 2017/2018 the City of Hamilton purchased the former Mountain Secondary School property (60 Caledon Avenue) from the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) with the intention of developing new mixed income housing on the Hamilton Mountain.

In December of 2020 the City closed a real estate transaction with Hamilton East Kiwanis Non-Profit Homes and Victoria Park Community Homes, who have come together to form a limited partnership called Caledon Community Collaborative for this project.

This post will provide a timeline of events, and what the next steps are for the mixed-income family redevelopment.

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City of Hamilton Purchase from the HWDSB

The City of Hamilton staff report from 2017 recommended the following:

Approval is sought to obtain authority and funding to acquire 60 Caledon Avenue for the purposes of mixed housing with an affordable component.

The development will include a small park on land dedicated through the development approvals process for the market component of the development.

The 60 Caledon Avenue site is a rare opportunity to develop new affordable housing on the Mountain…

This site is unique given its location within the built up area and near to amenities, including transit.

At just over 7 acres, the site also provides opportunities for integrating different housing options.

City of Hamilton Staff Recommendation from “Acquisition of 60 Caledon Avenue for Affordable Housing Purposes (CES17029(a))(Ward 8)”

If the City had not purchased the property, the HWDSB would have followed their disposition policy and it would most likely have been sold to the highest bidder for infill development.

Family Friendly Redevelopment

In 2019, the City of Hamilton issued a Conditional Sale Offering for the residential development of 60 Caledon Avenue (the full terms of the sale offering are available here).

The following objectives for redevelopment were identified by the City:

  • Supports the creation of family oriented affordable rental housing;
  • Fosters holistic community development;
  • Showcases excellence in urban design and high performance building construction;
  • Integrates the new development with the existing neighbourhood.

As the supply of new three bedroom family friendly housing is a core component of the City’s intention for the redevelopment of the Mountain Secondary School site, specific requirements for the provision of these units were included with the purchase agreement.

Next Steps and Community Involvement

Offers for sale of the property closed in February 2020 and Hamilton City Council was provided with an update on the finalization of the sale and proposed redevelopment on May 20th, 2020.

On December 16 of 2020, Hamilton City Council approved the sale of 60 Caledon Ave. through a $5.073M in-kind contribution towards the development. According to the City, this contribution reduces the capital cost of the project helping it to achieve affordable rents.

The successful purchaser, Caledon Community Collaborative, will now be responsible to propose a redevelopment plan that satisfies the City’s conditions of sale, taking into account community feedback.

As re-zoning of the property will likely be necessary to facilitate the planned redevelopment, this will occur through the City’s regular Planning Approvals process and subsequent site-plan approvals.

In particular, the Ward 8 office and Councillor Danko have heard how important it is to the neighbourhood that publicly accessible greenspace is included as part of the site redevelopment plan.

Provision of “a small park on land dedicated through the development approvals” was part of the original 2017 City of Hamilton staff recommendation for the site and Councillor Danko will continue to advocate the importance of this provision.

Through the Ward 8 office, we will also do our best to keep residents informed of new applications, design proposals and consultation opportunities (through our weekly newsletters) as redevelopment proceeds.

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Residents may also keep track of all developments throughout the ward using the interactive mapping tool available here.

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