Notice of Application for Cannabis Retailer: 1660 Upper James St.

This article, from July 12, has information about a Notice of Application for a cannabis retailer in Ward 8 located at 1660 Upper James St. The public notice period ends on July 18.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The Public Notice period has started for a cannabis retailer looking to open a retail store at 1660 Upper James St., Unit 4 in Ward 8.

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The City provided an update to the Ward 8 office, indicating that a Notice of Application for a Cannabis Retail Store Authorization was received for Sweet Releafs, which would utilize 1660 Upper James Street, Unit 4 as its retail location.

Proposed location of Sweet Releafs Inc. (Courtesy of the City of Hamilton)

With this news, residents in Ward 8 can have their say on this proposed location.

From now until July 18, residents can file a written response to the proposed location by following this link.

After the 15 day period, any written submissions will be copied and delivered to the applicant who then has a 5 day window to respond to the written submissions. Within 15 days of that, the Registrar will make an authorization decision.

As cannabis retail locations are a provincial matter, it will be the Province which has the final say over authorization of any cannabis retailers in the City of Hamilton.

However, when the City of Hamilton authorized cannabis retail within the City, Council set several priorities for cannabis retail locations.

Information provided by the City of Hamilton

The proposed 1660 Upper James St. location passes the AGCO Regulations of being at least 150m away from schools, but the location does not meet the threshold established by the City of Hamilton’s retail location priorities: being both 258m away from a local school and 264m away from a mental health centre.

Councillor John-Paul Danko shared his opposition to the proposed location, sending the following to the City’s Licensing Department:

As the cannabis retail application for 1660 Upper James Street does not meet two out of seven City of Hamilton priorities for cannabis retail (proximity to schools, parks and addiction/mental health centre) – as the Ward 8 Councillor, I would request that the City of Hamilton officially recommend that the AGCO not approve this application.

While I recognize that the AGCO has the final regulatory approval, it is important that local priorities are respected. In this case, there are plenty of potential cannabis retail locations in Ward 8 that comply with the City’s priorities. There is no reason to approve this specific location that does not. – Councillor John-Paul Danko


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To submit a written submission about this proposed location, please click here.

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