Outdoor Water Restrictions Lifted

This article, from July 10, contains a press release about the lifting of outdoor water use restrictions.

Hamilton Logo Ward 8 John-Paul Danko

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The outdoor water use restrictions, which was put in place by the City of Hamilton on July 4, has now been lifted.

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UPDATE: Outdoor Water Use Restrictions Lifted

The City of Hamilton press release can be found here.

HAMILTON, ON – Last week, the City of Hamilton issued a ban on all non-essential outdoor water use across all parts of Hamilton.

Effective immediately, this ban has been lifted and residents are permitted to resume non-essential water use outdoors, including watering lawns, using sprinklers, filling large pools and washing cars.

The City thanks residents for their cooperation in limiting their water use and helping to ensure the water supply in Hamilton was not interrupted. Thanks to the efforts of residents in helping to conserve water, the City was able to lift the ban a few days ahead of schedule.