Path lighting on the way for Buchanan Park neighbourhood

This article, from April 26, has an initial proposal from the City for the installation of pathways lights in the Buchanan Park area.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

With Buchanan residents playing a major role in bringing lacklustre lighting along its many pathways to the attention of the Ward 8 office, an initial proposal for pathway lighting is now viewable to the public, with consultation and community engagement on the way.

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After hearing concerns brought to the Ward 8 office, Councillor Danko requested to bring lighting levels along pathways to standards in Buchanan neighbourhood.

In response to that request, City of Hamilton Transportation Operation & Maintenance, Transportation Engineering, Street Lighting has performed initial feasibility and work assessments on the 8 different pathways in the Buchanan Park area.

Below you’ll find the initial proposed locations for the lights. As this is an initial study/assessment, locations may change due to potential underground infrastructure located near property lines.

Courtesy of City of Hamilton Transportation Operations

Please click thru the gallery to locate the area you are interested in:

The lighting design and proposed hardware are the same ones typically used for pathway lighting by the City. The lighting standards proposed would be 30 to 40 meters apart depending on amount of light coming from the existing adjacent roadway lighting and pathway geometry.

Light fixture at night (Courtesy of the City of Hamilton)

The Ward 8 office will continue to keep Buchanan Park residents informed on the pathway lights, and will indicate when the project is at the community feedback stage.

The project will be funded from the Ward 8 Area Rating Reserve.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office here.