Project Rolston Round-Up in conjunction with Project Strong, leads to multiple arrests, seizures

This article, from April 10, has information on Project Rolston Round-Up which was created in response to a number of shootings in Ward 8 in late 2020.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

From October through December 2020, the West Mountain was one of the City’s “hotspots” when it came to gun and drug violence, especially in the Rolston neighbourhood. In response to concerns brought forth by residents and community leaders, Project Strong – and Project Rolston Round-Up – were created to respond to those concerns.

This past week, Detective Rodgers and the Hamilton Police shared the results of their months-long investigation with the community.

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Project Strong was created in response to the dramatic increase in shootings around Hamilton in 2020, a total of 51 all together. Between October and December 2020, there were 21 shootings – almost 2 a week, with a few of those taking place in the Rolston neighbourhood.

Mountain Community Liaison Detective Rodgers recently informed the Ward 8 office of the Hamilton Police’s updates regarding Project Strong.

Det. Rodgers indicated that Project Rolston Round-Up and Project STRONG ran parallel with each other and had the same goal: to put an end/reduce the number of shootings.  Det. Rogers indicated that officers working on Project Rolston Round-up worked hard to increase police visibility in the area and gather intelligence information to share with members working on Project STRONG.

Project STRONG specifically targeted any area in Hamilton with a noted increase in shootings or increased drug trafficking. As a result of the investigation, police seized:

  • 23 firearms
  • 880+ rounds of ammunition
  • 23 weapons
  • $350,000 in currency (approximately)
  • 4.6 kg cocaine
  • 2.5 kg fentanyl
  • 645 g MDMA
  • 1 kg psilocybin (mushrooms)
  • 1.5 kg crystal meth
  • 8.6 g heroin
  • Over 13,000 pills such as Xanax, ecstasy, oxycodone, codeine, hydromorphone
  • 6 kg marijuana
  • 1100 ml GHB and Codeine liquid
  • 900 packages of THC related products
  • dozens of unknown pills for testing
  • 6.3 kg of suspected cutting agent

The total street value of the drugs is estimated at $1.8 million. Over the course of the project, there were also 112 individuals charged, 831 charges laid, as well as 87 warrants on residences and vehicles. A short video and release from the Hamilton Police can be accessed here.

Det. Rodgers has played a key part in reaching out to the community and to answer questions community members had about criminal activity during that time, with the culmination being a virtual Community Safety Meeting hosted by the Ward 8 office in late November. We thank her for her continued support and devotion to the Ward 8 community.

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