Province orders Hamilton to expand land boundary

This post, from November 7, has details on the provincial government’s decision to expand Hamilton’s urban boundary after overwhelming public support to maintain its current state.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The City of Hamilton received word from the Ford Government on Friday at 5pm that the province has unilaterally decided to expand the urban boundary by 2,200 hectares.

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The provincial government is ordering Hamilton to expand its urban boundary, despite a 2021 city council decision and massive showing of public support to hold the boundary.

The province’s decision was posted late on Friday and approves an expansion of 2,200 hectares — even more than the 1,310 hectares the city proposed in its “ambitious density” scenario last year. 

In addition to expanding the urban boundary, the provincial government is also removing the city’s proposed 30-storey height limit on buildings and allowing taller buildings in community areas like Ancaster.

Councillor Danko reacted to the news of the province’s decision by taking to Twitter and sharing the following:

Council voted 13-3 on Nov. 19, 2021, after more than nine hours of discussion after months of consultation, to maintain the city’s current boundary.

The results of a mail-out survey by the city saw 16,636 people vote to hold the boundary and just 1,088 vote to expand it. There were 663 people with other suggestions.

Planning staff will report back to council on November 29.

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Councillor John-Paul Danko