Province urging Feds to aid in funding LRT

This article, from February 10, has details about the Province urging the Federal Government in helping to fund Hamilton’s LRT.

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With news that the Federal Government is pledging almost $15 billion dollars over the next 5 years on transit across the country, the Province has identified Hamilton’s LRT project as one of 5 provincial initiatives that are “shovel ready” for that funding.

The statement from the province comes on the heels of the technical analysis of the Hamilton Transportation Task Force Report, which was released to the public this past week. The original Task Force Report, issued last April without the analysis, also recommended LRT for the city.

With the province declaring that it is still committed to its $1 billion dollar commitment to the LRT project and in light of many recent developments, Councillor Danko was invited onto the Scott Radley Show to discuss this topic further.

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On February 9, the Mayor and Council learned that the province will be submitting five priority GTHA transit projects to the federal government and the Hamilton LRT will be among them.

According to the Mayor’s statement on the news, the Hamilton LRT project is in addition to the Ontario Line, Yonge North Subway extension, Scarborough Subway extension and Eglinton Crosstown West.

The five projects will be submitted via the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Transit Program process.

The province has recommended Hamilton’s ICIP funding proposal to the federal government and we await the federal government’s approval. 

The new public transit investments by the Federal Government is designed to build strong communities, fight climate change, and create new jobs across Canada.

With that news, Councillor Danko took to the airwaves and spoke with Scott Radley about what LRT could mean for the City, Hamilton’s path forward, and what “shovel ready” actually means for the potential funding of this project.

A few quotes from the Councillor can be found below, as well as his full interview.

Danko: It’s not clear yet, it could be coincidence or the stars aligning….The announcement from the Federal government is good news for Hamilton no matter what way you look at it, whether it’s LRT or just improving the transit system across the City, 15 billion dollars for transit is the largest single investment in transit in Canada’s history.

Danko: We know that the city of hamilton is ready for rapid transit now, and I think the report from Metrolinx makes that clear

Councillor John-Paul Danko speaking on the Metrolinx report

When asked if Hamilton would receive early funding (in the next 2-3 years):

I think what the Federal Government is looking for, is projects that are shovel ready that the Government can fund right away.

Hamilton’s LRT project is certainly that – all the design is done, we’ve already invested $190 million into the project, we’ve already purchased all of the land that needs to be purchased and those buildings are being demolished as we speak – so it is a shovel ready project.

Councillor Danko on the City’s “shovel ready” status and why that can lead to optimism for Federal funding

The reality is that this was never a $1 billion dollar project, it was $3.7 billion dollars which was allocated through the Treasury…if you’re gonna do it, do it right and that’s what we’re looking for in Hamilton.

Councillor Danko when asked on project’s cost

When asked about a reduced LRT Line ending at Gage Park

We don’t want to get into a truncated project or phased project…That’s the big question for me, it’s not looking at the budget and working backwards which I think is the wrong approach. Tt’s more to look at what are the problems we’re trying to solve with this project, with rapid transit, and then work forward to develop it from there.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right. It has to go end to end, from Mcmaster to Centennial, in order to see all those benefits, the problems we’re trying to solve.

Improving transit options for people, the economic uplift from end to end, improving the quality of life for Hamilton residents and the vibrancy for Hamilton as a place to live and the city’s climate goals and I don’t think a line at Gage does that unless it was the first phase of a multi-phase project and we were under the understanding that we would continue it at an unspecified junction.

Councillor Danko addressing a truncated line

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