Public health nurses will help local schools to reopen

This article, from August 28, contains information about the hiring of 19 public health nurses to help reopen local schools.

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Hamilton’s medical officer of health, Dr. Elizabeth Richardson, announced on Thursday that the city will be looking to hire 19 nurses with its share of the provincially-funded money slated for nurses to help reopen schools across the city.

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The funding for the nurses was announced by the province in late July. Initially, the province stated that they would provide $50 million to hire 500 “school-focused” nurses. They recently announced an additional $12.5 million (or another 125 nurses) on Wednesday.

As reported by the Spectator, the nurses are set to be tasked with providing “rapid-response support” for schools in facilitating public health and preventive measures, according to the province.

Richardson told the Spec that at least 19 nurses will work with educators on “issues around” COVID-19. Richardson went on to describe what nurses’ duties may include, such as understanding personal protective equipment, infection prevention and infection control, as well as looking at the needs of families regarding information on the virus and their response.

Richardson also mentioned that the nurses won’t be doing clinical care and that public health nurses won’t be doing testing but rather will work as liaisons with public health on testing if and when cases are confirmed in schools. They will also survey situations to see when testing may be necessary and what testing works best.

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