Special Weather Statement from Environment Canada

This post, from August 2, has details on a special weather statement from Environment Canada.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement as the humidex is expected to reach 43 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

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From Environment Canada:

Exceptionally hot and humid conditions are expected on Wednesday, with daytime high temperatures of 31 to 33 degrees Celsius and humidex values of 42 to 43.

Overnight low temperatures on Wednesday night of 21 to 23 degrees Celsius will provide minimal relief from the heat.

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place. Check on older family, friends, and neighbours. Make sure they are cool and drinking water. Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle. Keep your house cool. Block the sun by closing curtains or blinds. Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.

A heat warning will not be required, as daytime high temperatures will not reach warning criteria on Thursday due to the passage of a cold front. Heat warnings require hot and humid conditions (temperatures of 31 degrees Celsius or humidex values of 40) to last for two days, including the overnight low in between to be 20 degrees Celsius or higher. In this case, a special weather statement has been selected to highlight that these conditions may pose a health risk.

Hot and humid air can also bring deteriorating air quality and can result in the Air Quality Health Index approaching the high risk category.

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Councillor John-Paul Danko