St. Elizabeth Village Webinar Now Available Online

This article, from November 26, contains an update on the St. Elizabeth Village webinar which was held on November 24.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Zest Communities, who acquired St. Elizabeth’s Village in 2014, have shared a video of the proposed development and have made public their webinar from November 24, with the Hamilton News reporting that the resident group president claiming 90% of residents support the project.

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In an article from November 26, Mr. Flannery says he believes more than 90% of the nearly 800 people who in St. Elizabeth Village support the proposed $800-million redevelopment of the 58-hectare property.

As we have previously covered in this space, the planned development would include:

  • 1,483 new residential units
  • 47,911 sq. ft of new retail space
  • Detailed re-grading and improvements to the 17-stormwater ponds on site

Zest Communities recently posted a video about the development:

As well as their Nov. 24 webinar:

The webinar gives an insightful overview of the entire project and addresses many concerns area residents may have.

For more information on the ongoing developments at St. Elizabeth Village, you can read the latest from the Hamilton News here, and information about the project here and here.

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