Storm Water Management Gaps to be Identified

This article, from November 26, has details about a motion to identify gaps, needs, and risks to the City’s stormwater maintenance programs.

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Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

A motion was recently introduced at City Council, aimed at identifying existing gaps in Hamilton’s system, its immediate needs and risks as well as vulnerabilities created due to ongoing Climate Change.

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Stormwater management is an important and essential service provided by the City of Hamilton – which protects the health and safety of residents as well as natural waterways in every area of Hamilton.

According to the City’s Storm Water Management Profile, the service is responsible for the collection and transmission of storm water from all properties and roadways within Hamilton either to the natural environment, or to a wastewater treatment facility. This includes all support activities that are performed in order to achieve this service.

Proper storm water management is necessary to control erosion, flooding, water quality, and to protect watercourses. This service includes activities performed by multiple divisions within the Public Works department.

In a motion put forward by Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko, Cllr. Danko moved, with Council support, to direct Hamilton Water staff to perform a comprehensive evaluation of all City stormwater programs to identify existing gaps, immediate needs, risks to the City including risks from Climate Change and extreme weather, outline the levels of service that the City should strive to achieve, quantify funding requirements along with options for long term maintenance, second cycle replacements and financing alternatives and
report back to Public Works Committee in the first quarter of 2021 with an information

The full motion can be found by clicking here, or below.

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