Upcoming construction for Deschene Avenue

This article, from April 11, has details on an upcoming construction project taking place on Deschene Avenue in Greeningdon.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Residents of Deschene Avenue, from Luscombe Street to Washington Street, can expect construction in the Greeningdon neighbourhood as the structural lining of the existing watermain is upgraded in the area.

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The City of Hamilton has a contract with Fer-Pal Construction Ltd. to complete the above-mentioned work of structurally lining the existing watermain.

According to the company’s mailer, which has been delivered to those within the construction vicinity, the work is scheduled to commence on or about April 12, 2021 and be substantially completed in July 2021, weather permitting.

The work involves structurally lining of the existing watermain and the
reconstruction/rehabilitation of any construction related damage created from doing so.

The mailer also indicates that during construction, Deschene Avenue residents may be connected to a temporary water bypass system, meaning your water consumption will not be metered when receiving water from the bypass system. For billing purposes, water consumption will be based on your average daily consumption during the same period last year. Once the water portion of the construction work has been completed, the bypass system will be discontinued so that your water service will be restored, allowing your water consumption to be metered again.

Temporary bypass system

Your billing will return to be based on your measured water consumption at this point in time. For questions pertaining to the water portion of your bill, please contact the City at 905-546-4426.

Due to the nature of the work, residents may experience some inconveniences such as noise, dust, temporary disruption of water service and restricted traffic movement. The construction company will make every effort to complete the work in a timely manner and to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.

For the duration of the project, the City of Hamilton on-site inspector will be made available to explain the sequence of work and answer any construction-related questions. If you have a medical condition or any physical conditions that may require special attention, please advise the Construction Section as soon as possible.

Explainer on watermain rehabilitation services

The company asks that in an effort to minimize damage, any homeowner who has an underground sprinkler system is requested to advise the City and contractor as it could be affected by the work.

Due to the nature of the proposed work, temporary disruption of water service should becanticipated. The City will provide 48 hours advance notification of any scheduled watermain shutdown. Occasionally, emergency watermain shutdowns can occur.

Driveway access may be restricted during localized construction activity. However, after the reconstruction of your driveway approach (ramp), access will not be available for approximately five days to allow the concrete to harden and to attain its strength.

All City boulevards (sod, asphalt, concrete, etc.) and private areas (driveways,
walkways, curbs, retaining walls, etc.) disturbed by the construction will be restored to a condition equal or better than pre-construction condition.

Garbage should be placed at the curb side on your regular pick-up day. Please print your address (in waterproof marker) on all garbage/recycling containers.

Finally, due to the Covid 19 pandemic please note that the following precautions are being taken on the job site:
• Social / Physical distancing will be maintained by the workers/staff
• If approaching workers/staff in the field, please respect the protective 2-meter distance required to keep us all safe.
• To make contact please choose one of the following methods:
• Call 905-546-4313 and we will redirect the call to on site staff, if we miss your call please leave a detailed message with your phone number, address and concern.
• Emails can be sent to the general construction mailbox at
• The City’s on-site inspector, Tania DiCampli
• The City’s Project Manager John Cowperthwaite 905- 546-2424, ext. 4314