Upcoming notice of construction

This post, from April 24, has information on upcoming construction along Upper Wellington Street.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Residents and business owners along Upper Wellington Street – south of Rymal Road East to south of Como Place – will see crews cleaning and structurally lining of the watermains in the area.

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Construction is scheduled to commence around April 30, 2024 and be substantially completed by mid August 2024, weather permitting.

The upcoming work involves excavating pits at strategic locations to access the watermain and structurally line the existing pipe. During this time, residents may experience some inconveniences such as noise, dust, and restricted traffic movement. Every effort will be made by crews to do the work in a timely manner and to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. Any

The City and contractor are requesting homeowners who have an automated sprinkler system to advise the City, to mitigate unnecessary damage. City boulevards and private areas (driveways, walkways, curbs, retaining walls, etc.) disturbed during construction will be restored to a condition equal or better than the pre-construction condition.

Due to the nature of the work involved, residents should expect temporary disruptions of water service. The City will advise residents 48 hours prior to any interruption.

As water service may be disrupted, a temporary by-pass watermain will be installed to limit water service interruption during construction. It will be necessary for crews to access your water meter in your home for both the installation and the disconnection of the by pass. A scheduled appointment to access your water meter may be required. City policy requires customer information to be obtained in order for the Meter Department to track
service interruption. Please keep in mind that water consumption will be adjusted during the next actual billing period.

“Y” connector

During the construction period, the existing water main and your water service
will be temporarily by-passed. Your home will receive water through an above
ground temporary PVC piping network which will be installed along the curb or
ditch line on your street. A blue hose will be connected to your home with a “Y”
connector via the outside hose tap. The “Y” connector allows you to receive water in your home as well as for outside use.

At times during this process, the contractor will have to turn off the water supply to your home. You will be notified in advance of any scheduled interruption in service. However, in the event of an unanticipated emergency situation i.e. a watermain break, advance notification will not be possible. As a result of these interruptions you experience some “dirty water” or air in the system. To solve these issues, simply open the cold water taps, beginning in the basement, and allow each to run for several minutes until the water clears.
Please note that the temporary water supply network and the new watermain will be disinfected prior to hook up to your home in accordance with City of Hamilton Procedures for “Disinfection of Watermain”.

The City recommends you temporarily disconnect any water treatment system
(softeners, filters, etc…), water-cooled air conditioners or any similar plumbing
fixtures as their efficiency may be permanently affected due to construction.
Accordingly, the City will not entertain costs for any damages to this type of
internal water supply fixtures. Automatic lawn sprinkler systems may not operate properly while the work is taking place; therefore, manual watering may be necessary.

Questions or concerns?

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Councillor John-Paul Danko