Upper Wellington St. Environmental Assessment taking shape

This article, from February 9, has details about an upcoming environmental assessment to be conducted on a stretch of U. Wellington b/t Stone Church and Limeridge.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The last remaining section of Upper Wellington Street that has not been upgraded or urbanized will be undergoing an environmental assessment looking for improvements between Limeridge Road West & Stone Church Road East.

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The initiation of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study was realized through the advocacy of Councillor Danko, who, when elected in 2018, noticed the oversight of this last remaining legacy section of Upper Wellington was not addressed in the capital plan.

While Public Works Chair, Councillor Danko advocated for the need to upgrade this section of Upper Wellington and worked diligently with staff through proper channels to make sure this section of Upper Wellington was added to the capital plan.

$150,000 is allocated to the 2021 budget to complete the environmental assessment, with a further $6.33M allocated for engineering and construction currently scheduled to begin in 2024.

Environmental Assessment Study Area (Courtesy of the City of Hamilton)

This study is building on the recommendations of the South Mountain Area Transportation Master Plan (2000; reviewed in 2006) and City of Hamilton Transportation Master Plan (2007; reviewed and updated in 2018), which identified the need for road widening improvements within the study area. These previously completed planning studies satisfied the requirements of Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for these improvements.

This new Upper Wellington study will confirm the problem/opportunity statement, and confirm the road cross-section, number and location of travel and turning lanes, traffic control requirements, intersection design elements and improvements, and active transportation requirements. Later stages of the study will include identification and evaluation of alternative designs, and identification of a recommended design.

Residents along that corridor should expect to receive permission to enter requests by mail at the end of the month in order for the EA consultant staff to conduct the natural environment investigations.

In late spring, a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held to present background information and the preliminary preferred solution. The Ward 8 office will provide details of that meeting when available.

Information about the study will be posted on the project website as the study progresses, which can be found at www.hamilton.ca/UpperWellingtonEA.

Questions or concerns?

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