Urban Boundary Q&A Review

This post, from October 10, has a video recap of Councillor Danko’s Facebook Live “Urban Boundary Talk” from October 7.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Last week Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko went live to chat about all things Urban Boundary Review, video of which you can catch below.

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The Facebook Live event was an opportunity for the community to ask Cllr. Danko various questions on the topic of the day, and an opportunity for the Councillor to share his thoughts on what is at stake for the City of Hamilton.

You can see the full video here (Facebook account required).

In addition to the video, the Ward 8 office was recently reviewing the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery, when it noticed the following relating to Boundary Protection, with many of the below points mentioned by Councillor Danko during his Facebook Live session (taken from page 14):

Rural Boundary Protection and Environmental Support
– Establish a firm urban boundary to protect agricultural
lands, natural resources, and prevent sprawl that
drastically increases greenhouse gas emissions and
infrastructure costs. Hamilton’s best opportunity to meet
ambitious climate change targets will be to maintain its
large rural land base that provides many benefits
to the environment.
– Permanent urban boundaries a designed to limit the loss
of agricultural land, thereby focusing future urban growth
within existing urban boundaries. This means urban
growth primarily through redevelopment of vacant and
underused lands, and higher density development.
– In urban areas, higher density development should be
mandated province-wide to take full advantage of
existing infrastructure.
– Urban areas should only be allowed to expand onto
abutting agricultural lands only after exhausting
redevelopment of underused or vacant areas within
their existing urban boundaries. This would include the
rehabilitation and redevelopment of both “greyfield” and
“brownfield” sites.
– Urban expansion onto abutting agricultural land must be
directed onto lower class agricultural land adjacent to the
existing urban boundaries
– Promote environmental BMPs with farmers for a better
balance of economics and environment on Hamilton farms
– Encourage public awareness of environmental BMPs
on farms and their value as environmental goods
and services

Council has set October 25 as the date for a debate on growth plan options for Hamilton.

Questions or concerns?

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