What you need to know to stay cool at a City pool this summer

This post, from July 5, has details on how to stay cool this summer by scheduling a swim time at a City pool.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

With the summer heat continuing to bring little relief, the City of Hamilton’s could be an option for you and your family to stay cool; while staying safe. Last year, the City implemented a “first come, first serve” basis for their pools – but this summer, reservations must be made for local pools.

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According to a recent Spectator article, Hamilton residents have made a whopping 1,000 reservations a day for programs such as open, length and age-specific swims.

As mentioned, last summer the city implemented a first-come, first-serve basis, but with anticipated greater demand, the City has launched an online reservation system to limit crowding and space out demand.

With summer in full swing, the Ward 8 office wanted to provide some details for individuals or families who wish to take a dip this summer.

Public swims

Eight of the city’s nine pools opened June 28 to open swim programs.

They run seven days a week, from either 10 a.m. or noon to 7 p.m., with bathers permitted to swim in 90-minute intervals.

The end of each time block is followed by a 15-minute stretch that sees pools and change rooms evacuated to allow for disinfecting and cleaning.

All residents will be required to answer screening questions and provide contact tracing information prior to taking a dip.

How to book

Reservations for outdoor pool programming become available 25 hours prior to their scheduled start times.

The online reservation system can seem a little complicated, but the city has laid out step-by-step tutorial videos on its website for how to register accounts, search programs and book open slots.

After you set up an account, visit hamilton.ca/recreation, hit the “Programs” tab on the top right margin and then click on the “Program Finder” icon below.

From there, you can tinker with the drop-down menu and see which pools still have capacity and tickets available for swims.

Additionally, those without access to the online reservation system can call specific pool sites directly — whose phone numbers can be found online — and schedule swim times.

Public health rules

All city pools have had open swim capacity shrunk to allow for physical distancing.

The smallest ones — Victoria Park, Ancaster Lions Club, Chedoke — range from a max of 25 to 29 swimmers, while the largest — Rosedale, Inch Park, Coronation — accept between 35 to 51.

Bathers must remain distanced from non-household members during swim times and are encouraged to stay with their social circles or families they came with. Non-bathers and spectators are not permitted on the pool deck. Masks are to be worn in change rooms and washrooms, but are not required for the deck.

Snorkels, goggles and large floaties are not permitted, but smaller toys and flotation devices are.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office here.