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This post, from June 28, has information on the recent installation of speed humps in various Ward 8 neighbourhoods as part of the Ward 8 Complete Streets review.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

With speed humps recently installed in various neighbourhoods across Ward 8, the Ward 8 office is taking resident concern about road safety and speeding seriously.

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The Ward 8 Complete Streets report was initiated in 2020 and included extensive public consultation to determine areas where interventions would be the most effective.

The Ward 8 Complete Streets report is one of the most comprehensive neighbourhood traffic studies ever undertaken in the City of Hamilton and was a priority of Councillor Danko during his term in council – aided by the thousands of emails received by local residents in regards to traffic safety and speeding in their neighbourhoods.

“Heat map” of high pedestrian collision areas in Ward 8.

The Ward 8 Complete Streets report, initiated in 2020 by Councillor Danko, called for many measures to be put into place to ensure road safety for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists.

Phase One of the Ward 8 Complete Streets Review implementation
strategy recommended the installation of speed cushions and other traffic calming measures on various roadways in Ward 8 based upon the study’s review, input from residents and needs assessment to aid in managing safe use of neighborhood roadways.

A motion put forward by Cllr. Danko at the May 2nd Planning Committee Meeting authorized and directed staff to install speed cushions as a traffic calming measure on the following roadways:
Brantdale Avenue, Highcliffe Avenue, Columbia Drive, Terrace Drive, Jameston Avenue, Hawkridge Avenue, Brigadoon Drive, and Malton Drive.

New speed cushions across Ward 8 (click here for a more interactive map)

The speed cushions recently installed in the above-named roadways are specifically designed to effectively slow traffic but not impede normal traffic flow of vehicles or bicycles. Specific sizes of speed cushions may slightly vary between locations.

Recently installed speed cushion

The Complete Streets Report is still pending finalization. Phase II interventions will focus on more comprehensive measures beyond speed cushions.

Phase 1 of the installations are completing now. Phase II funding will be approved this summer, with installation slated for 2023. All installations and measures directly influenced by the Complete Streets Report will be monitored, and additional measures will be addressed if required.

With the current focus on residential streets and neighbourhoods, Councillor Danko will conduct a similar review of arterial roadways during the next term of office.

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