2022 Community Report

This post, from July 18, contains the 2022 Community Report, a mailer which was sent to Ward 8 residents this past spring.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

This past Spring, the Ward 8 office released a community report informing residents of some major developments, investments and initiatives taking place around Ward 8. In case you missed the mailer, the post below has all the details.

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From the original mailer:

Hamilton City Council has finalized our 2022 budget and I am very happy to report that for the fourth year in a row taxes remain as low as possible while maintaining critical services like road repairs, recreation and parks. The 2022 budget also features significant new investment in paramedics, transit and policing.

Development in Ward 8

While Ward 8 continues to see important re-investment in our neighbourhoods, we are also seeing hundreds of millions of dollars in new development growth throughout the Ward.

Through my role on the Planning Committee, I continue to work hard to ensure all new development meets the needs of our Ward 8 neighbourhoods.

Major development projects currently underway in Ward 8:

  • St. Elizabeth’s Villa – 1483 residential units with 50,000 square feet of retail space
  • Upper Wellington & Inverness – 261 rental residential units with 45% two bedroom units
  • 60 Caledon – 266 medium density mixed use family friendly affordable housing units

$4.2 million in Ward 8 Investment

Through the Ward 8 infrastructure reserve I have initiated $4.2 million dollars in new investments for Ward 8 this year:

$1,750,000 – Repaving & Sidewalk Repairs in Rolston Neighbourhood. $931,000 – Sam Lawrence Park walking pathway repairs, landscaping & new floral plantings.
$320,000 – Pothole and Sidewalk Repairs – locations throughout Ward 8. $150,000 – Mountain Brow Multi-Use Trail design from Garth to Sam Lawrence Park.
$60,000 – Wheelchair Accessible Swing at William Connell Park.
$120,000 – Outdoor Fitness Equipment and Rock Climbing Wall at Newlands Park.
$20,000 – Waste Collection Improvement
s – City Housing Hamilton.
$91,000 – Asphalt Trail Connections – Allison Park, Bruce Park & Captain Cornelius Park.
$180,000 – Walking Path Lighting – Buchanan Park.
$27,000 – Ward 8 Tree Planting Program – 54 trees on HWDSB properties & 300 new boulevard trees.
$16,000 – Floral Planters and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
for Upper James.

$13.7 million Ward 8 Major Investments

In addition to infrastructure reserve investments, I have been working closely with staff to secure an additional $13.7M of investments for major projects directly benefiting Ward 8 residents for 2022/2023 including:

$2,500,000 – Clairmont Access – Road improvements Inverness to Main. $3,000,000 – Lincoln Alexander Parkway – Asphalt repair and road improvements.
$1,200,000 – William Connell Park – Phase 3 Winter Wonderland.
$2,190,000 – Auchmar Adaptive Re-Use rehabilitation & heritage preservation. $540,000 – West 5th Reconstruction Engineering – Stone Church to Rymal Road.
$910,000 – Road and Sidewalk Rehabilitation – Fennell Avenue.
$600,000 – Gourley Park Spray Pad replacement.
$1,058,000 – Southam Park Master Plan – reconstruction, landscaping and active transportation links.

Ward 8 Initiatives

While Council’s focus remains on recovery from the COVID- 19 pandemic, several major Ward 8 initiatives have continued to move forward:

RENTAL LICENSING After more than 10 years of discussion, rental licensing is finally coming to all Ward 8 neighbourhoods! Rental licensing will require all single family home rentals to be licensed and conform to City standards including zoning, parking, fire, electrical, building code and property standards.

ROAD SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS The Ward 8 Road Safety Complete Streets Report is one of the most comprehensive neighbourhood traffic safety initiatives ever undertaken in Hamilton. The report is currently nearing completion and the recommendations from the report will result in $1.5 million dollars in new road safety improvements budgeted beginning this year.

NO URBAN BOUNDAY EXPANSION Ward 8 residents overwhelmingly said “no” to an urban boundary expansion and paving over farmland for houses. I was very proud to listen to the residents of Ward 8 and lead efforts to reject the urban boundary expansion. Hamilton is now committed to building more vibrant neighbourhoods with safe transportation and a mix of housing types suitable for all stages of life and income levels.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office  here.

Councillor John-Paul Danko