City offering preview of new website

This post, from July 19, has information on the City’s beat release of its new website.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Hamilton residents can now preview the City of Hamilton’s new website, as its beta version launched today.

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Hamilton residents get preview of new City of Hamilton website

JULY 19 2022

Hamilton, ON – The City of Hamilton has released a beta version of its new website and is encouraging residents to provide their feedback on it.

The new site has been constructed over the past few months using Drupal 9 technology at a cost of $213,900. The beta site will be made available via the homepage on the City’s current website over the next several months. The beta site demonstrates the website’s new look and feel as well as several of its new features, including a vastly improved search capability, which was the single largest piece of feedback the City received from the consultation phase of the project.

City Communications staff will continue to migrate existing website content to the new site over the remainder of the summer with an aim to having the site fully launched in September 2022. Once launched, the City’s current website will be retired at which point the beta site will assume the web URL of

As of launch, the beta site will include approximately 50 per cent of the City information and will include content that was identified as the highest area of web traffic over the past three years as well as content that represented a revenue generating service for the City, including transit, parking and water.

Content that requires frequent updates, such as new public health clinics, weekly reporting statistics or programs that are paused until the fall will be migrated to the beta site in September just prior to launch, to help avoid significant duplication of efforts as content on both sites will need to be maintained until launch.

Over the coming months, the City will be examining further improvements of the new site, including more seamless integration with the eScribe platform, which facilitates Council business as well as a continued focus on the site’s accessibility features.

City residents visiting the beta site will be provided with an opportunity to give the City feedback on the new site via an online survey, which will inform the City’s continuous improvement efforts on the site that will continue in perpetuity after launch. In addition, City staff will be seeking feedback on the site and its accessibility from several City advisory committees. Residents providing feedback are encouraged to review the beta site’s desktop and mobile applications.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office  here.

Councillor John-Paul Danko