Please think of your neighbours when collecting your mail

This article, from September 2, is about residents leaving unwanted items at Ward 8 community mailboxes.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

The mail is an integral part of our society and our history. Although in this digital age mail is radically different from what we all first experienced, receiving a piece of mail from loved ones or an invitation to a wedding or special anniversary still gives a warm feeling to many.

Even though we may delight at certain pieces of mail in our community mailboxes, all too frequently we receive flyers, bills, and advertisements that no one especially wants or cares for. Which leads to a problem we’re currently hearing from residents about across Ward 8.

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For the past five years or so, the majority of residents in Ward 8 have transitioned from door-to-door mail delivery to a community mailbox., meaning that the mail once received directly in their home mailbox can now be found at a community mailbox, located on a neighbour’s (or your own) property.

Recently, we have received a few emails from residents across Ward 8 indicating that community mailboxes were littered with various items.

One email the Ward 8 office received summed up the struggles that homeowners, with a mailbox on their property, deal with when neighbours aren’t courteous or respectful to a neighbour’s property.

Community mailboxes in Ward 8 (Ward 8 Office)








The email received from one of our Ward 8 neighbours summarized the daily struggle he has with picking up after others. The resident outlined that he collects and recycles flyers, junk mail, envelopes, and magazines that people throw on the sidewalk in front of his home as well as on his side yard, where the community mailbox is installed. The resident also mentioned that he has picked up garbage bags people have left after picking up their mail.

The resident who emailed us even when as far as installing a recycling bin to help people recycle their unwanted mail and flyers. A short time later, it disappeared.

The note from this resident, as well as others, is a reminder for us all to do better. Please, when you are out getting your mail, please discard of your unwanted items at your home and consider your neighbours’ property and the environment.

Questions or concerns?

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