More Hamiltonians want to recycle

This article, from August 29, has details about a study conducted for the 2020 Solid Waste Management Master Plan update.

City of Hamilton Material Recycling Facility

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

According to a recent online study of over 5,500 people and focus groups representing local businesses, multi-residential residents and single-family homeowners this past January and February found that Hamiltonians would recycle more if additional materials were included in blue boxes, such as styrofoam and black plastic, and if the entire process was simplified. The study also found that the city needs to educate its citizens better when it comes to recycling.

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The Hamilton Mountain News reports that the study found that if the blue box program accepted additional materials, nearly 90 per cent of residents would use the blue box and almost 75 per cent of people would start using the green organic containers.

The focus group information also found that for local businesses to boost their recycling programs, the city would have to add more materials to be recycled. Businesses also would improve their recycling if there was a financial aspect to it.

The survey notes that a majority of people who live in multi-residential units recycle, but those living in townhouses or apartments who don’t recycle say the reason is because of a lack of information and/or limited recycling containers provided to them.

Angela Storey, director of recycling and waste disposal, said waste staff are reviewing programs and education campaigns for multi-residential units, and recommendations will be provided to the advisory committee in September.

Single-family homeowners overall liked Hamilton’s waste collection system and recycling programs. But improvements they would like to see, according to the survey, included improved education information, adopting innovative policies, providing better collection and having bins with wheels and lids that don’t blow over because of the wind.

Residents would like the recycling bins to accept Styrofoam, black plastic and packaging and containers.

According to the survey, for people who don’t recycle some of the reasons were that it was “too much effort,” collection issues were too complicated and they were unsure what could be recycled.

The study found that the city should boost its waste and recycling education programs, improve the containers and increase enforcement.

“There is strong support for enhanced curbside monitoring” – Councillor John-Paul Danko

Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko told the Mountain News that one thing that stood out from the survey was that 70% of residents wanted to see some kind of stepped-up enforcement of waste management. That could include allowing curbside monitoring for proper recycling and waste protocols, requirements for clear bags, imposing fines for improper separation and limiting access to garbage chute areas in multi-residential units.

The results of the survey and focus groups will be incorporated into the 2020 Solid Waste Management Master Plan update. That plan was last updated in 2012.

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