Ice safe for use at Princess Point

This article, from February 2, contains details about skating at Princess Point this winter.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Those seeking a local “escape” from their neighbourhood this winter can now head for a skate at Princess Point, with the Royal Botanical Gardens deeming a large portion of it safe to skate as of Monday.

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According to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the ice at Princess Point is currently measuring at 4” thick, the threshold required for public use. Skating is permitted in designated areas.

An RBG spokesperson told the Spec that signage has been erected near the restricted areas for “information purposes”. The restricted area includes a swath of ice just east of Princess Point, alongside the Desjardins Trail and up to the fishway near Highway 403, remains¬†too thin¬†for skaters.

The RBG also advises that those using Cootes Paradise for recreation purposes are doing so at their own discretion.

This comes after the RBG and the City warned residents to stay off the ice, as it was only measuring about 2” thick at that point.

The thickness of the ice is checked every Friday with an auger by the RBG. Status updates on thickness levels, and maps showing where it is safe to skate, can be found here:

The Ward 8 office also wants to remind and encourage residents to use a face mask and socially distance if there are other skaters around.

Questions or concerns?

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