Vaccinations underway at St. Elizabeth Retirement Residence

This article, from February 15, has an update on the vaccine role out at St. Elizabeth Retirement Residence.

Hello Ward 8 Neighbours,

Some positive news out of Ward 8 this week, with residents at St. Elizabeth Retirement Residence receiving their first doses of the COVID vaccine.

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After a slight delay, vaccines finally arrived at the Village of St. Elizabeth Mills.

The retirement residence, located on Rymal Rd. W., welcomed its first patients to receive the vaccine this week. Judging by the smiles and “thumbs up”, the residents couldn’t be happier.

Remember, with these new variants, if it is possible to stay at home – please do. If you’re feeling unwell, have been in contact with, or believe that you may have COVID symptoms, please schedule a test here.

Below are some pictures of the newest vaccine recipients

Questions or Concerns?

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